Thursday, December 30, 2010

The best present is each moment!

Another year seems like it has just flown by, again! Where do these long days end up turning into such short years? When do we stop and smell the roses and even get another moment to celebrate our other four senses at the same time? Just think of it, stopping to smell the roses only to awaken to the spirit of the soul and tap into what immense joys we have around us, or pains in our back we hadn't realized were there yet..ouch! We're too busy to be in tune with our bodies, especially during the holiday rush. The truth is, being tuned into our bodies has everything to do with being tuned in period! It starts with a very simple old world philosophy about simply being in the now. Being present means, to be in this moment... not in your mind thinking about where you just were or where you must go next. This moment! Take a deep breath and allow yourself, if only for one minute, to reflect back on the holiday rush. See yourself in your minds eye, hustling and bustling... you know the routine. First you're shopping, decorating, then wrapping, baking, cleaning, grooming... all the while the pending deadline of the holidays approaching... then finally, more hustling, more bustling... it's all done. You and everything else look fabulous. Can you see yourself? You're standing next to a glorious Christmas tree, in an immaculate home! All of these things are important that's true, after all they make up the foundation for the family memories that will be shared. When it's all said and done, isn't it the memories that end up making up the moments of our lives? It's all a beautiful picture, but only if, the moments of hustling and bustling were enjoyed equally as much as the moments spent in celebration. Aren't these moments just as valid and just as important? Christmas preparations are not a means to an end. They are meant to be filled with love and cheer. As I used to say to the chicks, "The best dishes are the ones made with love in your heart and a smile on your face." I'm still not sure where I ever heard that, or if I made it up, but that is true of all tasks when I think about it. I am a spiritual being, as are we all, and I believe what the buddhist monks spent years practicing is true... If we can spend our time living in each moment, as it unfolds, truly being present with a heart full of gratitude, we will be serving ourselves and others in the most harmonious way. When we live in a state of present gratitude we live our best life and have our most glorious Christmas's! Now my dear hubby has another saying, "It's easier to be a coach than a player." I too am learning and seeking this delicate balance each and every day, that's true. Slipping back into worry or regret about this or that, I struggle to control my thoughts about things I can't control. I work to nurture myself first so that I can better help others... just like so many others I struggle to find the time to stop and smell the roses, nevermind those other four senses... but like I say, I'm working on it, one single moment at a time! Happy New Year in 2011! May you be blessed with the attitude of gratitude my friends! It will bring you endless pleasures and bonuses in life! If you don't believe me, just Google Wallace D. Wattles, he knew it way back then! monixo